Question: Is there a customer service phone number I can call if I have a question about my Tour Club membership?
Answer: Yes, please call 1-855-742-6285 in the US and 949-333-4825 for outside the US.
Question: What is "local venue time"?
Answer: Local venue time is the time zone that applies to the venue. For example, Madison Square Garden is ET, the Hollywood Bowl is PT. All presales and on-sales are scheduled in local venue time.

Membership Info

Question: When will my Premium membership sweatshirt ship?
Answer: Crewneck sweatshirts that are a part of the Premium package will ship within 8 weeks of purchase.

Tour Club Presale Info

Question: Is there a Tour Club presale ticket limit?
Answer: DCX Tour Club members have access to four (4) presale tickets per membership during the membership period. Premium members have access to six (6) presale tickets during the membership period. This can be any combination of your ticket limit. For example, if you have a four (4) ticket limit, you may purchase one (1) ticket for four (4) separate shows, two (2) tickets for two (2) shows, etc.
Question: Where is my unique Tour Club presale access code?
Answer: Once you are logged in to the site, you can find your code on the Tour page above the tour grid. You can also find this information on the User Profile page. Please note, you must be a current, active member to receive a presale access code.

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